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Why choose us? We provide you what matters. Check out our advantages.


Gain full control of your platform and post any legal content in your language of choice. See our Free Speech Manifesto .

Direct Payments

Receive your earnings directly from your fans to your Stripe or Bitcoin wallet without delays or transaction fees.


Find all the creative tools you need on one platform. No additional apps required.

Brand Awareness

Build your brand on your domain, ensuring your fanbase can always locate you.

Welcome to PinePage

We made a short video about out platform. Check it out.

Crypto Payment Integration

Conventional payment processing platforms may withhold from providing service to certain types of legal content creators. By integrating Bitcoin payment capabilities, PinePage ensures its entire subscriber base is immune to censorship.



For content creators with few paying subscribers


Ready to Fly

For seasoned creators with an established fanbase



For thriving creator businesses

Custom Pricing Plan

None of our monthly subscriptions suits your needs?

Reach out to mail@mail.pinepage.com and we’ll work with you to create a custom plan that meets the requirements of your growing audience.

PinePage Ambassador Program

Spread the PinePage love on your existing social media platforms and earn 30% of the membership plan value of every new creator you refer to our website. Find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who is PinePage suitable for?
    PinePage is a home to all types of creators with an audience. We do not have a vetting process in place, allowing our users complete freedom of expression. No matter if you are a YouTuber, a Twitcher, an artist, a blogger, an educator, a programmer, or a nonprofit, we provide you with the tools you need to monetize your craft.
  • Can I restrict access to my content?
    You have complete control over who accesses your content, regardless whether you decide to earn from it or choose to share it with the world for free.
  • Is adult content allowed on PinePage?
    All kinds of legal content are welcome on our platform. If you aren’t breaking any laws by creating and popularizing your craft, all power to you. If you have any questions regarding an ultra specific niche you might be unsure of, reach out to mail@mail.pinepage.com
  • How can you offer a service without transaction fees?
    We generate our revenue through the monthly subscription plans of our platform’s users. Your earnings get processed directly to your preferred payment platform account, making it possible to keep 100% of your income. Platforms like Patreon dedicate a lot of resources to an army, policing any content that might be considered remotely offensive. We don’t.
  • How much money can I make?
    That is entirely up to you. We'd love to see you grow and place no limitation on your earning capacity.
  • How do I receive my earnings?
    PinePage currently integrates with Stripe or Bitcoin payments. Your proceeds are transferred directly to your account. We are actively expanding our payment platform integration to offer you a wider variety of options.
  • What payment methods do you support?
    You can process your monthly membership fees using most major credit cards.
  • Stripe isn’t supported in my country. Can my followers use another payment method?
    PinePage currently offers Bitcoin payment capability to all its subscribers who prefer to use unconventional methods of processing their earnings.
  • What currencies do you support?
    Your subscribers can process payments in all the currencies currently supported by Stripe and soon PayPal. You can process your PinePage monthly membership fees using USD and Euro.
  • What are the fees?
    Most people can comfortably use our free plan and only upgrade once they start generating substantial revenue through their PinePage. If you are an established creator with a dedicated following, get in touch and fly the Ambassador banner, while taking advantage of all of our features for a fraction of the regular cost. Get familiar with our monthly subscription plans here.
  • Is PinePage subject to financial regulations?
    Your financial transactions are handled exclusively by the integrated payment processing platforms, licensed for operation in all supported countries under their terms of service. PinePage does not hold your funds at any point during the exchange between you and your subscribers, therefore we are not subjected to any financial regulations.
  • Are donations tax-deductible?
    It depends on your country’s individual tax regulations.
  • What amount of tax do I need to pay on the income generated through my platform?
    It would be best to consult a specialist familiar with your country’s tax rules.
  • Do I need a web hosting account?
    We provide you with secure hosting and the ability to set up a fully functioning website, forum, or blog in seconds. A sign-up to PinePage ensures you have access to one simple interface.
  • Can I transfer my existing domain?
    Yes! Please contact support for help with the migration process.
  • Is it safe and reliable?
    Yes, we use global CDN (Content Distribution Network) to distribute content with the lowest latency possible. We use SSL certificates to enable secure online transactions, keeping your subscribers’ information protected. SSL certificates are free and are put in place automatically.
  • Can I transfer my content out of the platform?
    You can back up all your existing data through the Export feature in the General Menu.
  • Can I get banned?
    We have a no-ban policy, however, we are obligated to hide all illegal content if reported on. We welcome all forms of controversial content as long as it does not contradict any limitations within lawful jurisdiction. Getting reported will not result in any data loss.
  • How can I become a PinePage Ambassador?
    Get in touch with support and establish your eligibility.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a PinePage Ambassador?
    As a PinePage Ambassador, you take an active role in the growth of a platform built around the needs of people just like you. You earn a steady income from every paid subscriber you lead to the platform through endorsement. You also get to grow your own community and access all available features for a fraction of the regular membership cost.
  • What are the available analytics?
    Our system has the capacity to track user origins and the pages they visit on your platform. We are currently developing Google Analytics integration as well as introducing additional internal features. Let us know what capabilities you would like to see on your PinePage platform by contacting mail@mail.pinepage.com.
  • Do you protect my subscriber’s privacy?
    We do not contact your audience nor store any of their payment information on any of our servers. You can export all user data even in the unlikely event your content gets flagged or hidden due to conflict with legality.
  • How is PinePage different from other platforms?
    We’re glad you asked! PinePage is simpler, easier, and offers better functionality. Did we mention you won’t get banned for putting out controversial content?
  • What happens if my content gets reported?
    We’ll exercise our discretion. For the most part we are very lenient, but if law enforcement gets involved, we would be forced to hide the problematic content initially, until the matter is resolved. For the duration of that process your account will remain active, and your earnings would still be processed through your preferred payment platform. An overall ban or expulsion from the platform will not occur at any point.
  • Do you support Bitcoin/Crypto payments?
    Yes! Simply enter a valid Bitcoin address and you will receive payments directly to your wallet with no additional surcharges. Alternative payment platform integrations, such as PayPal, are under development as well as expanding our crypto payment capabilities with other well-established currencies. Write to support to suggest your preferred coin or payment system provider.
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